Pediatric Blood Pressure

Pediatric Blood Pressure
I have finally published my first iOS app, Pediatric Blood Pressure. I decided to make a post about it since people are actually downloading the app and even putting up online reviews. My sister-in-law mentioned to me that there are new pediatric blood pressure guidelines as of August 2017, corresponding to the update in adult BP ...

Hack of the Week: Episode 3: Unknown probe

Yes, I know. It has not been weekly. Since I last posted a lot of script kiddies populated my logs but not with anything all that interesting. Until today.

Hack of the Week: Episode 2: Get a Good Host

In a rare occurrence for me, I am continuing my series of watching hack logs. You can check out all the episodes here: HOTW For this episode I am pulling out an older record because I think it was rather clever.

Hack of the Week: Episode 1: Reading Logs Can Be Fun 1

Reviewing your logs is an important part of maintaining good system security. One log I watch on a constant basis is my IDS report (mainly because it constantly emails me). This is part one in (hopefully) an ongoing series of looking into what the script kiddies are up to, and how your server might be ...

New job at BAO Systems: Chief Unicorn Wrangler

As some of you may have seen on LinkedIn, I am now working full-time for BAO Systems. I tried to get a silly new title, but I figured “Senior Software Architect” would be a bit more professional. This is somewhat a return to familiar ground as I will be helping move research forward for many NGOs ...

Getting ReactJS to use a local external js library

My new job involves mostly frontend work with various js libraries like ReactJS. I ran into the issue of wanting to include jquery.csv.js into a project and felt that existing documentation was lacking. Most google searches returned how to use something from a CDN. Our systems need to be able to run offline in the ...

CSSLP Certified

CSSLP Certified
On last official day with Redport Information Assurance, I received confirmation of my Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional acceptance by (ISC)2. I am very grateful that Redport repeatedly covered my training and certification process. Alas, the story of our mutual separation will be a separate blog post.

Back on the market

Back on the market
After three years working at the Department of Energy as a Senior Security Software Engineer, I am back on the job market. If you are looking for a web application developer with over 15 years experience, please send me a line. Partnering with my infosec company (Redport Information Assurance) is also cool. I have TS ...

Is the CSSLP worth it? 3

Last week I passed the (ISC)2 Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) exam. Here are some thoughts (not bound by the (ISC)2 NDA): Cert Types There are two classes of certification within the (ISC)2 family: member and associate. The only difference between the two is how many years of experience you have in the subject area. For full ...

Basic Intrusion Detection with Expose

I totally forgot to mention that I was published in the September edition of phpArchitect. Not only that, you can download my article for free. Head on over to to grab your copy. If you missed my php[world]15 talk, this will get you up to speed.