tek13 Basic Intrusion Detection Slides 1

tek13 Basic Intrusion Detection Slides
Here is the slide deck for my talk on BasicIntrusionDetectionWithPHPIDS. If you were one of the 19 attendees, please give feedback at Joind.in

OSX PHP 5.5 Beta 1 Build part 2 (Bison) 2

In my previous post I was trying to get PHP 5.5 beta 1 compiled on my OSX laptop. It turns out that Mountain Lion ships with a version of Bison from 2006. Really Apple? There is a difference between being a hipster and being old. Let’s fix this! If you have not read it already ...

OSX 10.8.3 PHP 5.5 pre Build 1

At the urging of @akrabat at #tek13, I decided to see if I could compile #php 5.5 on my cleanly installed Mountain Lion. Here is how it went.

ZF1 still can’t parse dates right

ZF1 still can't parse dates right
I was running into some date validation problems between jQuery datepicker and ZF1. My client wanted one date picker to use a “January 01, 2000” format, and the others a “01/02/2000” format. Seems simple enough.

AngularJs Zend Framework 1 Resource Plugin

I whipped up a simple ZF1 resource plugin for AngularJs called AngularZF1 and dropped it onto github. We have started using Angular at work and I thought, why not mimic how the ZendX_JQuery plugin works. Right now it doesn’t add much beyond just adding the script tag to your <head>. Enjoy, all you who are still on ...

Oracle in PHP Frameworks

I have been using Zend Framework 1.x at work for some time now. I appreciate the large number of components, many of which my system uses on a daily basis. Yes, it is a large library, but we have a very large application that probably does too many things. ZF2 is coming out soon and ...

Installing PHP 5.4.0RC8 and Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 11.10

Installing PHP 5.4.0RC8 and Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 11.10
About once every other week I try and spend some time at work thinking ahead. With PHP 5.4 on the horizon I began to wonder how our current Zend Framework application would fare if the SysAdmins decided to jump straight from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4. Would the site work at all? One way to ...

ZF Config XML vs Ini Showdown

Back at php|tek11 Rob Allen gave a talk on optimizing Zend Framework. During the tutorial he pointed out how you could cache your application config files so that they are not loaded and parsed at every request. This got me thinking about something that had been bugging me for a long time. What is the best ...

PHP Oracle [notice] child pid NNNN exit signal Bus error (10)

After some frustration I learned from a forum post that the default password time limit for Oracle 11g is 120 days. Once you get close to that you will go into a grace period, where PHP’s oci connection dies on you with no explanation. You will notice a message like this in you apache log: ...

tek11 Winner

My brother and I got 1st place in the Tropo hackathon at phptek11. If you want to read the rules they were here. We won a Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter for making a two-factor authentication system using Tropo’s apis.